Is Halloween Evil?

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Is Halloween evil?
Before I attempt to answer that question, I want to tackle a different question first…

As believers of Jesus Christ, what is this life about? What is the purpose? Well, I understand that question could be a whole different post, but I do want to bring up the fact that we are called to live a life of purpose. We are to be like Christ and Jesus always moved with purpose, being about His Father’s business.

Now, with the understanding that we as Christians need to be living with purpose in all things, let’s tackle the first questions…

Is Halloween evil?

I am not going to get into the history of it because there are many other resources out there about that, plus the history isn’t really a solid argument. So let’s look at what goes on behind the scene of kids eating candy…

If you were to visit the secretive meeting places of Satanists, you would find that much work and preparation has been going on… work and preparation for their ruler, satan himself.

While on the day of Halloween, you will find many Christians dressed up, going to parties, eating candy and all the others that go on along with it, you would find much more going on…

While all the festive are going on there are babies being prepared to be sacrificed to satan, then their blood would be drank, plus so many other inhuman things that would make you sick to your stomach.

Now there is no need to argue this stuff goes on, if you ever met someone who got out of Satanism, they would testify to all and more being true.

So do I think Halloween is evil?

I believe that there are very evil things that happen on that day and that it is a disgrace for a Christian to celebrate such evil. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t have a good time with your family, all I’m am saying is have a good time and pray.

I am aware there are teachings out there that teach that Christians should not do anything on that day, they should just stay at home and lock the doors.

Well, I believe we as the redeemed of the Lord have more freedom than that.

When I look at Jesus, I don’t see Him celebrating evil and I don’t see Him hiding behind locked doors.

I see Him moving, living and taking action with purpose. Which leads to where the rubber meets the road…

Will you be a soldier who will be found praying, destroying the works of the devil? Or will you be found one of the many living in the fog of deception, with no purpose, no threat to the enemy and no help to the kingdom?

I pray you will be the one of the living on purpose, being about your Father’s business as you walk on the devil’s head!

Shouldn’t we be giving the devil a black eye on a day that is supposedly his? Isn’t it an amazing thought that because you chose to rise up and stand, that your prayers could save a innocent life? Wow!

So go do what the Lord leads you to do, Be the awesome thing God has called you to be!


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